Gate Private was always the best school for special students. However, when the Night Hour students discover a horrible secret dealing with the school's very existence itself, things are going to go downhill.
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 Settings of this RP

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GATE P (Gathering-All-The-Evil Private)is an Austrian school divided by two hours. Day Hours and Night Hours. The Night Hours is filled with “evil” monsters and the Day Hours are for the “good” monsters. But in fact, the Night Hours monsters are actually good people and the Day Hours are vile beings. This school is made to help the world understand that the Night Hours are nice monsters while trying to help the Day Hours become nicer. Times to times, the school shall organize events between Hours to show which class is stronger or just to make both Hours cooperate with each other. But in GATE P, there’s a door that leads to Hell itself. Not the school ghost or even the principal knows what’s behind it.

Races and their respective Hour:

Vampires/Night : Non-sparkling blood sucking vampires of the night that doesn’t actually die in sunlight, but get weak enough to have to crawl with all their strength if hit by sunlight.

Hybrids/Both: People who has genes or appearance of an animal. Usually found in many ‘Cirque du freak’. They usually have the skills of the animal they are mixed with (No birds allowed).

Undead/Nightt: These are mostly zombies and alike. They don’t have to be stinky or in state of decomposition. (Ghosts are off limits).

Dark Elves/Night: Tall, beautiful, slender, perfect pointy ears elves with pale skin and dark hair. They control some tiny power of dark nature elements.

Witches/Night: Not the typical green skin big nose broom flying witches. Mostly young appearance and uses some little animal sacrificial spells.

Warewolves/Night: Moonlight shape shifters, but in this era, warewolves have better control on their transformation (But 97% of the time they cant hold it back).

Fauns/Day: Goat feet, horned little people that usually enjoys skipping in nature with a little flute (Remember the little guy that aided Hercules with goat legs? These are fauns!).

Pixies/Day: Curious, small naughty wingless fairies. They usually have bad tastes in jokes like tricking humans into being lost in forests. Mostly mistaken for good fairies.

Centaurs/Day: Powerful, barbaric, wild horse man while also being wise and friendly. They are slaves to their animal passions.

Sirens/Day: Also known as Mermaids, these aquatic people of the deep are great enchanters with beautiful voices (For this school, siren have legs but transforms back at the touch of water).

Demons/Night: There are no ultimate demon here (or else they’ll be a mary sues). Each demon are a demon of an element. I.e. “Demon of the forest” “Demon of despair” “Demon of lust”.

Changelings/Both (but mostly day): People who can transform into an animal. But just one animal; one race. They can transform at will. (i.e. Transforms into cat -> tabby cat (fur pattern never changes)

Elves/Day: Majestic and mannered beings. Most of them are from royalty, but their huge egoism made their kingdom to fall. They're quite good in dagger and arrow handling.


As you may have noticed, there are dorms. Depending on the Hour and sex, you are roommate with an other person. The room assigned is "filling the void" or momentarily cherish your "all mine" time. But we do accept requests such as "I wanna be with Name!!!!!"if the person is okay with it and if the roommate of Name is okay with it too. We do not accept 3 persons per room,unless the road of events leads to. i.e. the person got kicked out and sleeps at a friend's.


So far, there aren't any teachers yet. So it can be considered as "moving in" day. Though when a teacher will appoint, please attend to your courses. If not, just post (not attending) as "attendance".

Title of Thread

When you start a thread, give it an original name. Make it as if this thread would be a story and give it a title as if it were the name of the book/ manga/ w/e. Of course, this means that, especially in private RP, you must(or usually) have talked about what would happen, so you can give it a name.

Public RP

When RP is public (like in courses), you must follow the order that you have posted. i.e. X posts, then Y posts, then you post, then Z posts. To re-post to the thread, you must post once the person who posted before you posted. No cutting lines. Its unfair.

Private RP

On the thread's title, add between [ ] { } ( ) or - - the names of the people allowed. Outsiders aren't allowed in unless they've been accepted outside of the rp. There will be a "chat box" on the front page so you can plan between each other or just to have fun chillin'.

An Undertone from Mafuyu...
Please, please... If you make a typo in your post, don't post another post with a correction, edit your post instead.

If you have other questions, please ask in the FAQ section and we will answer by posting it here. The questions will be posted in FAQ if the question has been ask multiple times. (we will delete your question to keep the person's privacy.)
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Settings of this RP
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