Gate Private was always the best school for special students. However, when the Night Hour students discover a horrible secret dealing with the school's very existence itself, things are going to go downhill.
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 Rosies first week.

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Rosie Broadway

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Rosies first week. Empty
PostSubject: Rosies first week.   Rosies first week. I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 25, 2009 8:10 pm

Rosie sighed and opened the door of room 102.
She was happy her first week in GATE P turned out this good. The fact she already had a boyfriend only made her want to dance around like a little kid from a year or five. She did already collected some friends and had an awesome Christmas party.
She let herself fall on her bed once she was in her dorm. Man, she felt like she had run a thousand marathons. Last night was very busy when the power had shut down and that night she just drunk too much punch.
Sighing in a relief she was in bed, she closed her eyes and relaxed for a moment.

Suddenly something came to her mind that was very important. She would write a letter to her parents every week, and because of everything that had happened she didn’t had the time.
She stood up slowly, disappointed she had to leave her soft and warm bed, and took pen and paper from her desk.

Dear mom and dad,

Then what?
She bite her lip when she thought of the fact they were lying to her. It wasn’t her father who attacked her mom ... it was her all along! She concentrated to not let the tears win. She wouldn’t cry. This is what happens when you have werewolves in your house ... it’s normal for people like her.
No, no. This wasn’t normal. She attacked her mom!

I found out about the accident. Now I completely understand when I had to go the GATE P all of a sudden. I hope you forgive me, mom. I didn’t meant to.

Rosie sighed and took the paper. In a matter of a few seconds, she made a ball out of it and troughed if away behind her back. There was no way she could write that to her parents. They would worry and feel sorry. She didn’t wanted that.

Dear mom and dad,

My first week in GATE P was awesome!
I’ve already got a lot of friends. They all are from different kinds; changeling, witch, vampire; but there is a werewolf among them too. That’ll cheer dad up.

Rosie smiled. She knew how hard her dad took the werewolves in honour. She wouldn’t write that werewolf happened to be her boyfriend. Her dad would kill him right away.

A lot of things happened this week.
The first days, I met my friends. There’s nothing special about that, if you don’t when the details.
The past two days were very, very, very busy.
There was a huge storm and we all had to go to the cafeteria. If that wasn’t enough yet, the power got cut off! They had to find that power backup thing to make sure we had some light again. We all ended up in the infirmary. I was the one telling scary stories, of course.
The next day there was a Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. I don’t think that if I would write down everything that happened that night, I will not have enough paper.

Anyways, I hope you guys had a great Christmas yourself.


Rosie smiled and looked at her letter happily. That would be a good one to send her parents. They will be happy to know she’s happy.
She got herself an envelope and putted the letter in it. Still smiling, she went to her bed again.
There already did a lot of things happen.

She smiled even brighter when she thought of the first time she saw Harry. Only the smile on that boys face made her gratefully happy. It’s true what they say about love. There were butterflies all over her body when she saw the kid. Not thinking it was the first time she even was sure it was love, she was pretty lucky that Harry felt the same way. She cheek still tinkled from the first time he has touched it. She found herself silly thinking love wouldn’t last forever before. Her relationship with Harry was so strong ... He made love songs make sends to her. No, he was the love songs. Rosie felt awkward thinking that. It wasn’t anything like her ... She laughed. It was funny how a boy made her do that.
Not that Harry was the only one that made her smile (even though he was). She felt pretty comfortable with Remy. Even if she thought the ‘Miss / Mister’ thing was very annoying. It was Remy, Rosie wouldn’t dare to change it. It would take off this charm.
As even with Cari. Rosie loved the way her hair changed colour, like everyone else. She didn’t try to make too much remarks with that. Cari did told her she didn’t thought it was anything annoying, Rosie would have liked to give the girl some privacy.
She did had to admit she didn’t quite knew Jeremy. She only just met him when he got his panic attack. Rosie knew he couldn’t help himself ... she just didn’t like the drama that came with it. She would try her best to cheer him up when he’ll got one again, but she got hurt pretty badly to see him like that. He was a kind guy, Remy seemed to like him.
Elizabeth was a very nice girl. Shy too, according to Rosie. She noticed that Elizabeth could be very funny if she wanted too; but still was too shy to be. The werewolf recognized herself in the dark elf more then she wanted to. Not that Elizabeth gave her a bad impression, but Rosie used to be that shy to when she was a little kid.
Rosie sighed. Then there was Kei. Rosie didn’t knew, but ... even he was such a gentleman and stuff ... The boy just had something mysterious around him. Or maybe just found that because he was a demon. Not that Rosie didn’t like demons ... It’s just hard to explain how she felt.
Mayufu. She had to say their first meeting wasn’t very chill. She remembered how she almost got her running away all scared out. But Rosie thought, no she knew, the ghost only needed friends. She understood her hate against vampires, but that night it went pretty well with Jeremy. That was a good thing. Rosie was sure Kei made her less hatred then she used to. They seemed like pretty close friends.

The female werewolf sighed and was too lazy to get on her pyjamas ... but the dress she was wearing was too beautiful to ruin it by sleeping. Caught in the dilemma, she eventually stood up and grabbed her pyjamas from her chair. It was pretty much a struggle to get off the dress, because the zipper happened to be on her back, but after a minute or ten the girl was laying down again. She sighed, as in a happy one, and closed her eyes slowly.

(I know it's A LOT. It's like almost two pages in Word xD! But at least the progam made me write less mistakes :/! - Yes, my English is poor. - Yeah, that's pretty much what Rosie/me thinks of the characters she allready met. Anyways, don't feel forced to reply ^^! Hope you liked it anyways ... If you liked it, there might be one every week <.<'!)
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Rosies first week.
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