Gate Private was always the best school for special students. However, when the Night Hour students discover a horrible secret dealing with the school's very existence itself, things are going to go downhill.
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 Shouta Tsuyogari

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Shouta Tsuyogari

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PostSubject: Shouta Tsuyogari   Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:20 am

First Name: Shouta
Last name: Tsuyogari
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 23
Orientation: Bisexual (he can be really *~*GAY*~* at times)


Best subject(s): Math, Biology, English
Weakest subject(s): Chemistry, History


Race: Vampire
Day hour/Night hour: Night Hour
Hated/Enemy Race: None


Family: TBA
Origins: From the northern part of Castilla, Spain
Friends: None for now
Rival: None for now
Lover: None for now


Physique: 170 cm, Black Hair, brown eyes

Psychology: Cheerful most of the time, mischievous, can be really dark and thoughtful at times
History: He was born in a wealthy family, mother Angela, father Ciel, and older brother Evan. he was always pressured by his father to be the best in all aspects. This pression on him caused identity problems and depression during early youth. he continued on growing with not much problems and some unresolved doubts, but he doesn't like thinking of that so he is mostly cheerful and happy now. Moved from home to study at Gate P.

Likes/Dislikes: likes: Chocolate, fresh blood, water, reading, drawing, singing ( very badly though XD )
Dislikes: too much light (even though he has no problem with going out), waking up early, homework, pink stuff D:

Weakness: Summer, Sweets, cute people xD,
Strength: Night, sports, freaking sneaky
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Shouta Tsuyogari
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