Gate Private was always the best school for special students. However, when the Night Hour students discover a horrible secret dealing with the school's very existence itself, things are going to go downhill.
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 Official Uniform

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PostSubject: Official Uniform   Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:45 am


(due to file size, here's the link: Official G.A.T.E. P. Uniform)

So, More info about the uniform...

Why is it crappy?
Cuz I have so much things to do, I hurried.

Why are boys in white and girls in red?
Well actually, the color doesn't depend on gender. Boy and girl can choose to have it majorly red or majorly white.

Can we use X with Y but without Z but with W the other color?
Yes, Mix and match! You can combine anything with anything! You can choose what you want to wear with what combo of colors! Be creative!

...Are the shirts and pants/skirts also color changeable?
Yes, yes they are.

Can we modify/alternate it?
Yes, but there's a limit. You can add temporary things, such as badges. You can't change the uniform's color (we only accept stains, but usually, we demand to get a new set)(unless you're proud of your mess...)

Are there shoes for boys?
Well, shoes aren't part of this uniform. This means you can use what ever shoes you want. I've added girl shoes cuz it can be cute, which I like, and it helps girls to not spend too much on shoes.

What's up with the different color stockings and shoes!?
Well, it's just to show that you can use either this one or that one. (be aware that the frills of the stockings are a bit different depending the color)

My female character doesn't like bow ties, can she wear the guy's tie?
Yes, girls can use ties, same goes for boys, but I doubt they'd want to wear bows >.>"

I can't see very well the design of the guy's belt!
Well, it's because that the belt is also left for your imagination!

What's that blue/gray thingy in the middle?
It's a special bracelet that the school made. It makes the wearer invisible to the human eye. Students aren't allowed to leave campus without it. (monsters never go in public). So when your character goes to the shopping mall, go to the church or even at the park, they do encounter humans.

What's the weird squiggles over the person's head?
It's a Kanji! The one over the guy's head is "Otoko" which means "Man" and the other is "Onna" which means "Woman".

What's up with their face!?
I didn't want to make faces so I gave the hiraganas as facial features.

Is there only stockings for leg thingies?
Actually, no. There are nylons, but I forgot to add it. Here's an example of nylon stockings: Ristaccia's White Nylons

What about teachers?
They don't have uniforms!

Do we have to wear it forever? D:
No, just in school hours. You're free to dress up as you like in the dorms and outside of campus.

Feel free to ask questions concerning the uniform.

....No...Well... I am hungry....
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Official Uniform
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