Gate Private was always the best school for special students. However, when the Night Hour students discover a horrible secret dealing with the school's very existence itself, things are going to go downhill.
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 Elizabeth Margret

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Margret   Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:16 pm

First Name:Elizabeth
Last name:Margret
Date of Birth: January 1st (right at 12:00 am)


Best subject(s): Home Economics, Drama, Arts, Social Studies, music
Weakest subject(s):math and PE

Race: Dark Elf
Day hour/Night hour:Night
Hated/Enemy Race: i just really dislike elf's


Family: all are dead ;3;
Origins: Forests of Greenland
Lover: has a crush ;D (kukuku)


Physique: wears a scarf, if the teacher doesn't permit the scarf, she'll protest. she has long dark purple/blue hair that changes hue slightly with her mood, the bangs covers her glowing green eyes that also change hue.

Psychology: shy and stuttery, she blushes and doesn't talk allot. she has allot of emotional problems that make her have low confidence, though she talks loud and acts beautifully when on stage.

History: Elizabeth was found next to a shimmering pond. she was cold to the touch and had slow breathing, naturally Anna Margret's motherly instinct kicked in and brought her home. when she saw her ears she was astonished. though her love for her adopted child was too strong.
after a few years anna was coughing up blood, elizabeth tried to help and cursed god, but she still died in her arms. the last thing she said to her was not i love you it was Please hold on. the event left Elizabeth alone at age 10. when she was 13 her father, Feliciano came to visit for the first time. her mother told stories about her adopted father but, when she met him, he was nothing like her mother said. Feliciano was a drunk, that attacked her mother when she was only 12 and made her his bride. he left her to 'work' in england, he wasnt working though, he was cheating on Anna and had more than 12 mistrisses. Elizabeth was hurt and told her father she hated him and threw him out. that night he had a fatal car accident and perished. even though she hated his action elizabeth loved her father no matter what, she is still devistated that the last things she said to to her father were horrible. she taught herself how to fend for herself and how to cook ect. currently lived alone until she saw a private school she wanted to attend to learn math, social studies, language arts ect. After applying to hundreds of schools G.A.T.E* P. Accepted her application

Likes: Her crush, cooking pastries and sweet things, home economics, drawing, painting,sewing, (shes like a house wife LOL) singing, anime

onions, preps, really loud people, criticism, (constructive is fine but other than that NO) not understanding stuff, (she is so innoceint) sexual jokes that dont make sense.

Weakness: Blood, death, crying,
Strength: Friendship, encouragement

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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Margret   Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:22 pm

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Elizabeth Margret
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