Gate Private was always the best school for special students. However, when the Night Hour students discover a horrible secret dealing with the school's very existence itself, things are going to go downhill.
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 Chun Mei~ Yey!

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Chun Mei


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PostSubject: Chun Mei~ Yey!   Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:03 pm

First Name: Chun
Last name: Mei
Age: Around 2473 years old, but looks like shes 15.
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 13th May (friday hell yea Very Happy)
Orientation: Isn't so sure herself.


Best subject(s): Languages, Music, art and Drama.
Weakest subject(s): Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Dance.


Race: Demon of Power (Earth affinity)
Day hour/Night hour: Night hour.
Hated/Enemy Race: None.


Family: Deceased.
Origins: Beijing in China. Born in Temple of Heaven.
Friends: Cari, Romeo, Remy, Marian.
Rival: None.
Lover: None.


Physique: A bit short, big black cute eyes and pink lips. Long black silky hair, that she likes to friseur a lot.

Psychology: Childish, yet serious. Quiet most of the time, but when she's fired up, she sure can talk. Very (super) strong even though her physique is small. Doesn't believe in God/s, but likes to read myths about them.

History: Was born in the Temple of Heaven. Her mother, Shao Mei, died while giving birth to her. The monks thought the bad omen meant that the child was cursed so they tried exorcising the evil from it, but Chun's father wanted to completely destroy the child for killing his beloved wife. He was killed by a monk, Tie Feng, who thought the demon inside Chun could be tamed. So he ended up cutting her horns, so no one would notice she was different and raising her and teaching her the way of the monk. By the time her master died of old age, she had mastered the eastern battle arts. She traveled the world, learning more and more battle actions. Around 20 years ago she decided to go back to China and has been changing villages/cities every 5 years, so no one would notice the fact that she doesn't age. Around 3 months ago her friends Cari and Romeo left for GATE P. Cari had been telling her about the place. Finally she decided to join them since she was sick of always running away.

Likes: Books, rice, noodles, fluffy things, drawing, peace, yet bloodshed.
Dislikes: Loud stupid people, know-it-alls, bullies,


Weakness: Seals.
Strength: Meditation, stupid foes, strategies.

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PostSubject: Re: Chun Mei~ Yey!   Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:49 pm

I certify thee with the power to post!

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Chun Mei~ Yey!
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