Gate Private was always the best school for special students. However, when the Night Hour students discover a horrible secret dealing with the school's very existence itself, things are going to go downhill.
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 Romeo Giovanni

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Romeo Giovanni

Romeo Giovanni

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PostSubject: Romeo Giovanni   Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:40 pm

First Name: Romeo
Last name: Giovanni
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 10th August
Orientation: Bisexual


Best subject(s): Music and Drama
Weakest subject(s): Art, Home Economics and Science. (he's the worst at science LOL)

Race: Changeling - Tiger
Day hour/Night hour: Day.
Hated/Enemy Race: None really


Family: Deceased mother, father, little brother.
Origins: Italy.
Friends: Cari.
Rival: None.
Lover: None.


Physique: Tall, lean, a bit on the skinny side. Has red-brown hair, like a tiger's fur, darker at the back. Forest green eyes.
Psychology:A bit on the mental side. Grins to himself a lot and chuckles out loud sometimes.

History: When he was young, about 7-8, he first had the symptoms of being a changeling. (ears and tail growing out of your body are symptoms, no?) His mother and father didn't know what was happening to him, so they acted cold with him. Their behavior hurt Romeo, so once when his little brother fought with him for a toy, and he hit his head on a cupboard, he snapped and accidentally killed his brother. His mother and father were mad with grief and in their blind state they tried killing Romeo. Pain striking his heart deeply, he blacked out. When he came to, he was lying in a puddle of his parents blood, a few feet from their corpses. Afraid, he ran away and had taken refuge in China, working in a Restaurant for a living. When he turned 16, he overheard a girl his age talking with someone, about a place for people like him. So he followed the girl and acquainted with her. The girl's name was Cari Long and it turned out, they had a lot of things in common.

Likes: Acting, singing, playing instruments, reading books, quiet places, bright colours, flairs, italian and chinese food.

Dull colours, rude people, loud people, science stuff, mental facilities.

Weakness: Strong perfumes, noises and such.
Strength: Super strenght. scent of forests, sunlight. The 3 S's.

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PostSubject: Re: Romeo Giovanni   Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:59 pm

I certify thee with the power to post!

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Romeo Giovanni
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